NOTE: This manual is a work in progress. Please let us know if you think something is missing by filing an issue, or join our Discord server.



The Caramel compiler is composed of 2 main components: a Frontend and a Backend.

Frontend: Parsing and Type Checking

The Frontend takes care parsing the OCaml sources and doing the type-checking. You can find the entrypoint for the frontend here: ./caramel/compiler/

For the most part, the frontend takes care of picking the right modules to parse the sources into the OCaml Parsetree, and it reuses most of the OCaml compiler frontend to type-check the Parsetree into a Typedtree.

Once we have a Typedtree, we know for certain that the sources are well-typed, and we can hand it over to the backend.

Backend: Code Generation

The Backend takes care of generating the Erlang sources.

It has for input a Typedtree that is then translated into an Erlang AST, to be pretty-printed into .erl sources.

The bulk of this translation happens in the ./caramel/compiler/ocaml_to_erlang/ modules.