NOTE: This manual is a work in progress. Please let us know if you think something is missing by filing an issue, or join our Discord server.

Building from Source

Caramel is built with OCaml, so it needs a working opam installation.

Additionally, we use make, since it makes our CI steps pretty minimal.

Getting Started

The next scripts show how to set up Caramel and create a release:

# install ocaml first
sh <(curl -sL

# clone the repository
git clone
cd caramel

# install all required dependencies
make setup

# compile projects and runs the tests
make test

# installs project from sources
make install

Common Tasks

To bootstrap the repository, you can run make setup build.

To compile the manual, you can run make manual.

To run all the tests, you can run make test.

To install the local version, you can run make install.

To format all the code, you can run make fmt.

To create a release of Caramel, you can run make release, or make on Windows.